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 (Naturalization application、Permanent residence、Certificate of eligibility、International marriage)
Rental apartment
in Osaka and Hyogo
(Long term lease, Monthly lease)
Long term lease
Monthly Lease
Rental Office and Shop
in Osaka
Subsidized High-grade Rental Apartment
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Apartment for sale in Osaka
Serviced apartment Sakura Osaka
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Company Establishment
NPO Establishment
Licenses application
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Asset Management & Inheritance Support
Support Center Osaka for Inheritance & Guardianship
Property management and guardianship contracts
Will book
Partition of property
Inheritance procedure
Standard Remuneration List of Center Osaka
Financial Planning
Peaceful Life Support
Contents-certified mail
Land development Support
Conversion of agricultural land
Land development permission
Management of Parking lot & Apartment
Management of monthly parking lot
Management of vacant house
Management of rental apartment and rental house
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Standard remuneration list
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Business hour 9:30 - 17:30
Regular holidays Saturday、Sunday、National holidays
2 ◆ Happy Stay Support for foreigners

Rental apartment & office
Our office support your visa application ,room & office search and business licenses collectively as you can have a happy stay.Our office have always more than 1000 rooms available in Osaka and Hyogo and can provide you the best fit one from long term lease to monthly lease.
The rent range is 35,000- 500,000 yen / month.
The floor area is from 15 to 150 m2. You do not need a guarantor.
In addition to the above regular rental apartments, we offer the fully furnished
"serviced apartment Sakura Osaka " to meet the need of the company executives.
From the day you arrive, you can enjoy a rich living that suits you perfectly Our office also substitute the complicated visa application for you and support your happy stay in Japan.
Best Asset Office is registered in the website of GCN OSAKA(OSAKA UNIVERSITY/ Global Campus Net, Osaka) as a office of offering housing information and supporting visa application.

Purchase & Sale of Real Estate
Our office also can support our clients to purchase or sell properties in Osaka and Hyogo. Various consultation services are also available. Properties to cover are condominiums ,houses, office spaces , lands, commercial or other revenue-earning properties. Even if our clients do not have address, we can help buy and manage the properties for the clients.
◆Business Support
As a support office of Osaka Business and Investment Center (O-BIC), Best Asset office (B・A・O) supports your business matchin,acquiring company, establishment of company ,visa application, searching rental apartment , office and shops . Our office can also support drawing up articles of association ,applying for business licenses & subsidy and investigating intellectual property rights at one stop so that you can continue your business in Japan for a long time.
Through our office, you can get a subsidy of 150,000 yen when you estabilish your company and apply for visa.
◆Asset Management & Inheritance Support
Support Center Osaka is your advisor and deputy of your voluntary guardianship , asset management ,inheritance
procedures and also supports as the executor of a will & the disposal of legacy . You can receive total services
mentioned above at one stop in cooperation with Gyouseishoshi lawyers, financial planners , social insurance
consultants, judicial scriveners of the Support Center.Support center staffs will visit the nursing home or private
homes and provide the free consultations for the aged and handicapped people.
Especially for international married couples, the inheritance procedure is troublesome tasks. Our support center
could support foreigners in Japan so that they can lead a peaceful life without troubles.
◆Happy Life Support
Our office support drawing up the various contracts and the content-certified mail so that you can avoid being involved in troubles and lead the happy life as your home lawyer.
◆Land Development Support
Our office advice you to make the best use of the land and substitute your application on the land development to the government.
◆Management of Parking lot & Apartment
You could reserve the monthly parking lots through our web page any time you want and in addition to that , the rental parking fee for the first month is deducted by 30%.
Our office take care of your house and submit the related documents to the local government during your absence.
Business partners Wanted
◎The apartment owners who want to lease to the foreigners
  ◎The Land owners who want to start parking lot business